September 2, 2017

Ad Operations & Trafficking

As an outsourced ad operations and trafficking business, we provide a cost effective and transparent solution to all trafficking and ad operations needs.

We work with individual web publishers – large or small, ad networks, agencies, trading desks and any business that requires an outsourced ad operations, campaign management and trafficking service.

We can assist with overall site setup, ad placement creation, creating and sending of tags/redirects/click commands, upload and trafficking of creative, display ad resizing and ongoing campaign management including reporting & troubleshooting.

Our objective is to provide an approachable and cost-effective service in helping you operate your business more efficiently. Our goal is to streamline your backend work and trafficking processes so that you can focus on your core business and not have to worry about extra overheads like managing, staffing and training.

We can either provide a completely outsourced ad operations solution on a contractual basis or work with you on an as-needs basis.

We are platform agnostic and can work with you on whatever platform you use in your business – whether it be DFP Enterprise, DFP for Small Business, DFA, ADTECH, AppNexus, Facilitate, Sizmek, and more – we have experience in them all.

We offer:

  • fast turnaround times of 8 working hours
  • 12-hour per day support
  • our own Proprietary Job Log System that allows clients to access their workflow in real-time

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